Organizational chart: Currently we have a structure of 77 people distributed among different companies.

BOMAR. Trading company dedicated to the representation and marketing of wines, spirits, beverages and food in general, working as exclusive agents for the Principality of Andorra....

The range of products are mainly leading brands in the sector of medium-high.

It consists of a team of 14 people:

Trade Marketing : 1 person

Management Control: 1 person

The sales team is organized in two branches, and directed for 1 commercial director:

Restoration: 4 commercial

Retail: 3 commercial 

Product manager: 4 commercial 

We also have our own technical service for the maintenance of more than 800 facilities we have.

Technical support: 4 people

Administration: 1 person

Regarding logistics and administration, it is developed by a group company which has the newest technology in warehouse management.

Administration, logistics and Bomar's treasury is managed by a company of the goup, a procedure that allows us to optimize our resources structure.

Currently has a staff of 45 people and a fleet of 22 trucks for distribution.