SAURER brand truck, switzerland manufacture 19XX.                                                         Plaça Princep Benlloch 1952



An andorran family business story that starts at late 1930.

1928 - 1952 Miquel PAL ARMENGOL (1910 - 2008), at 18 years old, as many other andorran humble families, he has to migrate for a chance for work.

He settles in Barcelona where he will work in a dairy in Villarroel Street.

In 1936, when spanish civil war begins, he returns to Andorra. He starts a transport buisness with his older brother Esteve, named AUTO-TRANSPORTS “La Andorrana”, dedicated to buying and distributing from Spain food products, products that demand the needs in-the-moment, oils and specially wines.

This activity continues until the end of 1945, when the Second World War ends.

The two brothers ends with the business, but is Miquel ARMENGOL PAL who continues with the activity.

From now it focuses mainly on the import of oil and bulk wine that imports and distributes in the Andorran market.

1953 – Is the year in which we find the first signs of trade links as representatives and distributors of trademarks.

Highlight BARDINET from Bordeaux, with which we continue working after 60 years. BANDEIRA from Vigo and JOSE LOPEZ BERTRAN from Tarragona, which unfortunately no longer exist.

1969 - ARMENGOL Miquel PONS, in his 18 years old fully joins the family business.

At that time the company was composed by his father and an employee.

1972 - The first warehouse was built, 240m² with automatic bottling plant and also marks the beginning of commercial relations with important international world groups of wine and spirits.

1990 - Flimosa is bought and absorbed, which gives us access to the beer sector (KRONENBOURG) and waters (EVIAN).

1995 - ACSA family holding company is constituted (Armengol Calsina, SA), after the constitution is the one who participates as owner of the group companies.

1996 - COMERCIAL MIÑO is bought and absorbed, creating the Company CEDI (Centre distributions), which strengthens the activity in the beer, carbonated beverages and other beverages sector.

1999 – Work begins on the new and actual facilities in Av. de la Bartra with near to 15.000m² warehouse and a storage capacity that can reach 9,000 pallets.

2003 - Move to the new premises and from that date consolidates the creation of new subsidiaries or proprietary.

2015 - Today as a family business, consists of several companies with diversified activities in other economic segments and has a group of collaborators close a hundred people.